The Company



On basis of his long lasting experience in the industrial production of a global company Franz Seiwald could build up an extensive know-how about the use and handling of high performance plastics and gaskets. 


In 1992 he founded his own company – Franz Seiwald – seals and plastics, which successfully provides turned and milled parts made of high performance plastic since then. Semi-finished parts and products for technical engineering complete the delivery program.


In Juli 2015 the Company was handed over to his daughter Cornelia Seiwald.



  • Highest-possible customer satisfaction. We attach great importance to friendliness, reliableness, flexibility, information and professional technical advice.
  • highly precise accuracy - innovative, reliable, high performance and quality solutions are the main criteria in our production
  • the most important resource in the company – our staffTechnophyon – seals and plastics – stands for performance-linked wages, appreciative behavior in a congenial atmosphere with long-term employee in mind.
Technophyon, Dichtungen, Company

Our customers


The company TECHNOPHYON Seiwald - seals and plastics serves customers in different industry sectors directly and indirectly.

For example:


  • chemical/pharmaceutical/food industry
  • laboratory techniques and medical engineering
  • mechanical engineering and apparatus construction
  • automotive and aircraft industry, shipbuilding
  • measurement technology, control systems, electrical engineering
  • hydraulic engineering, container and bridge construction,
  • etc.


The firm TECHNOPHYON Seiwald – plastics & seals supplies its products to the EU (especially to Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic) Norway and Switzerland. Via the customers the goods of the company get delivered WORLD-WIDE.


For the coming years a main goal is to open up new markets in North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria). Activities regarding this have already been started.


At this time 8 persons are employed by the company.