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PTFE finished part, Technophyon

Finished parts

Our strength lies

in custom fabrication

of ptfe finished parts in

smaller quantities and attractive delivery times.


We produce different kinds of rings (o-rings, back up rings, slide rings, wiper rings, etc.), bushings,  cup seals, balls, bellow seals and other various gaskets (piston -, rod-, graphite seals, etc.)

upon customer request.  

PTFE tube rod semi-finished product, Technophyon

Semi-Finished Parts

We supply ptfe semi-finshed parts in various types

tubes, rods, sheets, foils)

and dimensions to our customer needs.


 The production of the ptfe semi-finished parts we provide, is subject to high quality standards which follow the industrial norms in Europe and America.



PTFE fiberglass tubing, Technophyon

technical Needs


glass fabric with ptfe coating 

  • PTFE+GLASS-Fabrics tapes 
  • stuffing box packings
  • pure graphite rings/tapes
  • ePTFE - flat sealing tapes / ePTFE - sheets
  • PTFE / PFA - hoses 

and other parts of  the state of the art sealing technology 



for high performance plastics & sealing solutions

Our competence is your satisfaction.


  • manufacturing of high quality turned and milled parts made of different high performace plastics according to drawings, samples and individual specifications
  • procurement of semi-finished parts and products for technical needs
  • consulting service regarding the use of high performance plastics (PTFE (Teflon®),  PTFE +compounds (glass, carbon, Bronze, graphite MOS², ceramics, turqouise, inox, peek), PEEK, POM, PA 6, PP, etc.)
  • certified to ISO 9001:2015

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