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Technophyon – Plastics & seals since 1992

As tacky as it might sound – we love our job. And there are many reasons for that:

  1. We work with what is probably the most exciting and most dynamic material around – high-performance plastic. The utmost focus and expertise goes into each and every product. Sometimes new experiments are required, but often we merely rely on what is routine for us, bringing with that a great deal of flair.
  2. Our team spirit extends far beyond the production site. We are very appreciative of one another and come up with the best solutions together.
  3. As a Tyrolean company, we are located in the heart of Europe. It is not just the geographic location that brings so many benefits with it – our demeanour is like that of the average European person: easy-going, like the Italians, precise, like the Germans and innovative, like the Scandinavians – typically Tyrolean.
  4. We specialise and have carved out a good reputation. It is nice for so much trust to be placed upon us.
  5. When anything new evolves, as a competent partner we are happy to be involved and bring in our many decades of expertise.
  6. We have fun, treat one another with respect, motivate one another and master every challenge. We are successful together since we never give up, we listen to one another; we achieve great things together simply because we enjoy working here: Technophyon – Plastics and seals, since 1992.
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Purchasing - Sales - Administration

technophyon cornelia seiwald

Mag. Cornelia Seiwald

T: +43 (0)5359 22890 1
Barbara Stocker

Ing. Barbara Stocker

Purchasing & sale E:
T: +43 (0)5359 22890 7
Petra Trixl

Petra Trixl

Sale & administration E:
T: +43 (0)5359 22890 7
Mrs. Trixl takes over Mrs. Grander's tasks
Maria Grander

Maria Grander

Sale & administrationE:
T: +43 (0)5359 22890 7
Maternity leave since August 2022

Production & warehouse

Lukas Ullrych

Lukas Ullrych

T: +43 (0)5359 22890 3
Mechanical engineer
Horst Geyer

Horst Geyer

Stock & shipmentE:
T: +43 (0)5359 22890 5
Andreas Seiwald

Andreas Seiwald

Skilled worker Foreman mechanical engineering
Lassaad Mehadhbi

Lassaad Mehadhbi

Skilled workerCNC specialist
Stefan Ehrensberger

Stefan Ehrensberger

Skilled workerCNC specialist
Markus Worgotter

Markus Wörgötter

Skilled worker

2nd Level Support

Franz Seiwald

Franz Seiwald

Company founder 1992
Werner Krepper

Werner Krepper

Together, Franz Seiwald and Werner Krepper bring over 80 years of experience in high-performance plastics. They are our PTFE lexicons on legs. We are proud and happy to be able to tap their wealth of knowledge and to learn from them.
Company policy

How we think, act and tick – our philosophy



'Satisfied customers are what drive us.'
Dealing with customers: that is like looking in the mirror, throwing a boomerang. You reap what you sow. We strive for the utmost quality and optimum solutions. Our communication is always friendly. We work in a reliable, flexible and technically-competent manner. We treat our customers like royalty – the way we would want to be treated too.


'Highest quality arises from expertise and perfect teamwork.'
We continually strive for more – optimising and maximising. In our case, this is always about quality. For us to meet our own, high standards, we regularly scrutinise our various processes, think ahead and act in a responsible manner. We don't like, or want, to have to carry out any post-processing.


'A motivated team moves mountains.'
What would we be without our motivated employees? They are the heart, soul and spirit of our company. They think in an enterprising manner, conduct themselves professionally and bring innovative ideas to the table. Creating skilled jobs and maintaining them is one of the key pillars of our company philosophy.


'Honest interactions are based on respect, professionalism and sustainability.'
The better people know one another, the more efficient and sustainably they can grow together. We strive to nurture long-term business relationships with our suppliers. Working together we constructively get the best out of each other, improve what we do and optimise processes. Optimising added value for both parties is the desired goal.

Cost effective

'We grow, by being continually better.'
We regard growth as 'becoming better'. We don't just measure our work on economic business success. That is, we do not grow, no matter what the cost. Our production processes are geared towards minimal consumption of resources. We manage our finances globally, sustainably – simply using good common sense.
Because our work is more than a job

Work and development site in Hochfilzen

Hochfilzen, a town in the east of North Tyrol, located at 1000 metres altitude, would at first glance seem to be the ideal, idyllic tourist destination. And so it is too. And for fans of Biathlon, Hochfilzen is a stronghold. International Biathlon events are regularly held here, including several World Championships.

Yet Hochfilzen has, above all else, become in economic terms, a very innovative sticking plaster. Which is why we think we have made the ideal choice in having our site here, surrounded by successful businesses. Even if we do not directly benefit from one another, it is still a very nice feeling working in a place where so many ideas come about, unique projects are implemented and delivered globally.

Nestling amid this innovative hub, we, Technophyon, offer a very attractive working environment in a familial ambience – even our machines have their own names. Our employees are our most important software. They keep learning each and every day, refining their expertise and working with what is probably the most dynamic product: high-performance plastic. Our team is for the most part made up of the same skilled craftspeople for many, many years. Since we are growing 'healthily', we are delighted to hear from applicants who would like to become part of our team.

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Our history

Franz Seiwald


Company founded by Franz Seiwald
After many years of service and intensively gathering experience in an international company which processed plastics, Franz Seiwald decided to set up his own company in 1992. His philosophy has continued to this day, that is, to optimally meet the needs of customers, implement specific ideas and design and as a result, tap into new markets.
technophyon ptfe geschichte

1992 to 2013

Extensive accumulation of experience in PTFE
Over the course of these past two decades, Franz Seiwald and his employees have amassed even greater expertise in the manufacture of sealing solutions and in the possible application of high-performance plastics. A wealth of experience that has to date been essential in all the recent achievements within the business.
Werner Krepper


Werner Krepper joins the company
An important milestone for the company was the arrival of PTFE specialist Werner Krepper in 2013. He brought in tremendously useful knowledge about semi-finished components and high-quality sealing materials, which meant that the product range was able to be considerably expanded.
technophyon luftaufnahme

2014 to 2016

Expansion, change of generations & changing the company name to Technophyon
Due to an increase in assignments, an expansion of the production and storage capacities was required. A new, attractive location was found in Hochfilzen. With the reconstruction of the company building, Franz Seiwald's daughter Cornelia took over management of the company. As part of this change in generations, she also change the company name to 'Technophyon'.
iso guetesiegel technophyon


ISO certification - ISO 9001
A very important and absolutely necessary standard – ISO certification: ISO 9001, since May 2017. This officially denotes the high quality of our products and is of course evidence of our endeavours to continually improve and to work to the highest standards.
technophyon job hochfilzen


New website and 4-day week
To herald the 4th decade of our company, we created a new website that provides extensive insights into what we do. Since we simply like being 'ahead of the times', we also decided to introduce a 4-day week and shut our doors on Fridays. This enables our employees to be able t have better control on that balancing act between their professional and private lives.
Forging into the future together
Extensive knowledge

To successfully work with PTFE requires a great deal of expertise

We regard ourselves as a professional and reliable partner for a range of challenging applications in high-performance plastics, for instance PTFE (Teflon®), PTFE + various fillings (glass, graphite, turquoise, bronze, carbon, ceramic, PEEK, MoS2, Inox), POM, PEEK, PP, PA 6 etc.

We have a great deal of experimenting and learning to be able to supply the requisite PTFE finished components, PTFE glass fabric sheeting, PTFE semi-finished products and many other contemporary sealing in the highest quality. This knowledge is the basis of our daily work. After all it is important to know which types of plastics are suitable for use in the areas where they are to be used, which methods can be applied etc. We also consider tolerances, weigh things up (e.g. production processes vs. construction) and discuss the various options and possible results with our customers and partners.

Our job, our work with high-performance plastics, is exciting and it fills us with joy to create products with mindfulness, flexibility and sensitivity.

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team technophyon
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